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Logan dreamt big and knew what he wanted.  His confidence, kindness, and curiosity allowed him to live in the moment. Logan was truly a gift and we want to continue his legacy by supporting activities and organizations that share his passions.

Live, Laugh, Love for Logan

Logan was our littlest love. A sweet boy with piercing green eyes, a smile that could light up a room, and cheeks that you couldn’t resist squeezing. He had a great sense of style and liked his hair just so.

He had an energy about him that was contagious. Logan was an early riser and never liked to sit still. He was always on the move. He was our adventurer and a boy who lived in the moment.

Logan never met a sport he didn’t like. He was a natural athlete that wore #3 across several sports - lacrosse, soccer and basketball. He was also a competitive swimmer and his favorite and best strokes were freestyle and butterfly. Logan loved to compete and was a fierce competitor. He enjoyed running and participating in 5K races. Logan loved the beach where he discovered his love of surfing. He didn't just love sports, he also had a passion for music; he loved to sing and enjoyed seeing Hamilton and learned every song. He loved sushi and chocolate and though he enjoyed playing video games, he was always the first out the door to play outside.

Logan was kind and could get along with anyone. He was compassionate and thoughtful and had a great circle of friends. He was blessed to "find his people" at such a young age.